Simple to use and easy to manage your jobs.

  • Schedule your posts
  • Newest jobs emailed weekly
  • Track performance
  • Looks great on mobile
  • Quickly share on social media
  • Post anonymously
  • Easily repost
  • Embed on your website
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You manage your job posts.

You have the ability to edit, add, or delete any current posts. Because we're such big fans of keeping things simple, we also allow you to view and repost past jobs. This way if you're hiring for the same position, you don't have to go through the trouble of creating and submitting the same post over and over. Unpublished posts can also be saved and posted when you're ready.

manage your jobs

You can use Truckstr on the go.

Looking for a new job but don't have time when you're out on the road? Let Truckstr's mobile site help! You can search, view, and apply for jobs right on your smartphone or tablet. If your device doesn't allow you to upload documents, or if you're simply more comfortable sending in your application on a computer, you can have your shortlist emailed to you, allowing you to send in your applications the next time you're at your computer.

For companies that post their jobs on Truckstr, our mobile site extends the reach of your posts by bringing them to drivers who are on the road.


You can receive job posts in your inbox.

Why go on a job search when your job search can come to you? Our weekly jobs newsletter brings the week's new job posts straight to your inbox. You can choose to have jobs from Canada, the United States, or both countries sent to you.

If you're a company who's posting jobs on Truckstr, our weekly jobs newsletter brings your posts directly to your ideal audience, making the recruiting process faster and simpler.


You can add your Truckstr posts to your website.

Here at Truckstr, we're big fans of sharing, especially when the item in question was yours to begin with. By including one small piece of code on your site, you can display your Truckstr job posts in real time. Now you don't have to pay an IT guy to manage the job posts on your website!

add jobs to your website

You can see how your job posts are performing.

Want to know how many people are viewing each job post, what the ratio of viewers to applications is, or which positions get the most views? Our analytics tool collects all of that data and provides you with a report card for each of your job posts.

transportation jobs performance

Your posts can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Your job posts can all be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ at the click of a button. You can share your jobs on your own social media channels, and other people can also share your posts with their friends, fans, and followers. Additionally, we'll share your posts on our own social media pages, bringing your jobs to a targets group of drivers and other trucking professionals. You can reach a whole new audience without having to do a single thing!

transportation jobs on twitter, facebook and google+

Job seekers can add your posts to their shortlists.

The shortlist allows job seekers to apply for jobs without losing their place in their search. Let's say a job seeker is interested in your post, but they're not ready to start filling in application forms yet. They can simply add the post to their shortlist and save it for when they are ready. They can then continue their search without losing or forgetting about your job post.

shortlist the best jobs

You get to save time and money with Truckstr credits.

Jobs on Truckstr are paid for with Truckstr credits. Credits, which are available to purchase in three preset packages, allow you to save money and post jobs more quickly. The more credits you purchase, the more money you save. Credits never expire, so even if you don't use them all right away, they'll never go to waste.

Credits are purchased via PayPal. Your transactions can be viewed on your account history page.

bulk buy your job posts

You can view your entire account history.

As fun as it is to spend recklessly without fear of facing the consequences, that’s probably not the best way to do business. Your account history will show you all of the credits you’ve purchased and redeemed and which job posts they paid for.

see which jobs you've posted

You can post jobs anonymously.

Replacing someone who doesn't yet know they're leaving? No problem. Or maybe you're a highly sought after company whose super cool reputation attracts more applicants than you can handle. No problem either. While you're creating or editing your job post, simply choose the confidential option.

got a position at a high profile company? post your job confidentially.

Applicants are delivered to your inbox.

The application process is easy. Applicants use our simple and friendly web form, and attach their resume. You receive an easy-to-read email from us with the applicant’s job-related experience and contact info. Enough information to help you decide if they’re a candidate you’d like to meet.

transportation jobs can be applied for using the web