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What Can Driver Competitions Do for Your Team?

Over the past couple months, you've probably noticed news and announcements about driver competitions. Many companies and trucking associations hold commercial driving competitions and championships over the spring and summer months, giving their drivers a chance to show off their skills.

Driver competitions are not only fun, but also beneficial to your company and its drivers. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider encouraging your drivers to sign up for a local competition, or hold one of your own.

It shows appreciation for your drivers.
Encouraging your drivers to enter competitions shows you have faith in their abilities and you are proud to have them on your team. If you hold your own company competition, you're guaranteeing that the very best on your team will be recognized. Recognition is key to employee retention, so showing your drivers a little appreciation is as good for you as it is for them.

They bring out team spirit.
Many competitions include team driving categories, allowing your drivers to work together and bond. Entering single drivers in competitions hosted by trucking associations also builds team spirit because your whole team will be cheering for your company's entrants. A united team will create a positive environment and boost efficiency and productivity.

They boost morale.
No one wants to work for a company that's perceived as boring or dull. Fun, friendly competitions get everyone in a good mood and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your employees, motivating them to stay with your company.

They raise the profile of your company.
Having award winning drivers on your roster will boost your company's appeal to prospective customers and employees alike. Client companies will feel safe doing business with drivers that have won awards for safety, efficiency, and operational knowhow, and drivers will want to work for a company that has a great reputation and isn't afraid to have a little fun.

They encourage your drivers to be on top of their game.
Competitions require skill, knowledge, a positive attitude, and a respect for compliance and regulations. Your drivers might be fine-tuning these abilities for the sake of winning a title, but your operations will undoubtedly benefit.

If you're interested in having your drivers participate in competitions, check out some more information from the ATA.