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Recruiting Older Drivers

A couple weeks ago we talked about the advantages of recruiting young drivers. We believe that it's important to have some young blood in your company to help with long-term staffing, but that doesn't mean you should ONLY hire drivers under the age of 35. It's best to strive for a more balanced approach.

Most trucking recruiters will tell you that there are benefits to hiring drivers who are a little older, or even retired. Before you pass over an older driver's application, consider these benefits:

They have experience. Drivers who have been on the road for a couple of decades know their trucks, know their routes, and are adjusted to the trucking lifestyle. They tend to be very low-maintenance.

They might have more flexibility. If you hire a driver who is technically retired, they might be willing to work part time or fill unusual or casual routes. Younger drivers tend to want predictability and consistency, especially if they have a young family at home.

They have knowledge to share. You and your younger drivers can benefit from the stories, experiences, and lessons learned by a trucking veteran.

They come from a hard-working generation. Young drivers, as wonderfully energetic as they are, weren't raised around a lot of manual labour. They were raised to use technology to solve problems. There certainly is a place for technological aptitude, but it doesn't solve every problem. Older drivers are used to doing things for themselves, and that willingness and know-how is invaluable on the road.