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5 Tips for Recruiting Young Drivers

One of the biggest challenges facing trucking companies is recruiting young drivers. Of course drivers of any age are valuable, but hiring only older drivers isn't a very sustainable model.

As the average age of drivers increases, it's important for recruiters to understand how to get younger drivers on board to establish some balance and longevity. Here are our tips on recruiting and retaining drivers in their 20s and 30s:

Recognize their work: The younger generation likes to know that they are contributing something valuable to their company. In fact, many value recognition over money. Offer incentive or reward programs to show them their hard work will be noticed.

Offer flexibility: Young people thrive on change. If you'd like to keep them in the company, let them challenge themselves with different routes or positions within the company.

Keep them connected: This is a generation that was raised with computers, cell phones, social media, and other means of instant communication. When they're not working, they're connecting with friends and family. Provide them with a company phone or tablet to talk to their loved ones during downtime.

Let them collaborate: Most young people grew up as part of organized groups, clubs, or sports teams and have become good team players. Many of them have worked in open offices and shared workspaces and are used to collaborating. The solitary nature of trucking might seem foreign to them, so let them know that there are opportunities for team driving, deliveries that will have them interacting with customers, and non-driving positions where they'll be working with others.

Appeal to their wanderlust: Young people love to travel, yet trucking companies often treat being away from home as a negative aspect of the job. Remind them that driving gives them the chance to see the country or continent, and they get paid to do it!