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Is Competitive Wage Enough to Reach Drivers?

How do you sell yourself to potential employees? What do you put in your job posts to make your company stand out?

Many job posts simply promise competitive pay. Of course good pay is important, but odds are another company is offering similar wages. In order to attract applicants, you'll have to tell them what else your company has to offer them. Truckstr posts provide a space to tell drivers why it's awesome to work for your company, and here are some suggestions for what you might include:

Employee Recognition Programs
Everyone wants to feel valued for what they do. Letting applicants know that you provide incentives or rewards will let them know you're a company that genuinely cares about its people.

Employee Events
Do you throw staff barbecues every summer? Do you throw an awesome Christmas party for your employees and their families? These little extras speak volumes about your company culture. They boost morale and might matter to prospective employees more than you think.

One of the toughest parts of being a truck driver is all the time spent away from home. Many drivers are looking specifically for a job that will let them be home regularly or give them some flexibility with their time off. If you're a company that can provide that flexibility, let them know right away.

What are some of the benefits and perks you provide your staff? Do they get to drive late model equipment with all the latest technology? Do your owner/operators get paid for waiting and load time? These perks add value to the position and might be the tiebreaker between you and another company.