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Get Your Wheels on the Road: Truckstr Advice for New Truckers

Anyone who's searched through the classifieds of a newspaper or sifted through the endless cycle of Kijiji ads looking for a job knows the feeling; The sight of a sparkling new employment opportunity, only to discover there's a minimum experience level required. The advice for newcomers is always the same; apply anyways! You never know what will happen, right?

That's great advice for everyone else, but unfortunately for new truckers, there's another obstacle to be overcome. In Alberta, two years' experience is usually the threshold requirement for insurance companies' preferred rates to kick in, and we all know money talks. Even with perfect scores at trucking school and a squeaky clean driving record, without those two years on your resume, breaking into the trucking industry can be an incredibly daunting task.

Nevertheless, there are some things aspiring truckers can do to help get their wheels on the road faster:

  • Consider getting your trucking education through businesses with their own trucking schools or that sponsor your attendance. These businesses may pay less or demand a minimum contract post-graduation to ensure they get value out of the cost and effort of training you, but that also often means immediate employment and guaranteed experience.
  • Make sure your trucking school is properly accredited and offers the credentials you'll need. Most local trucking companies have minimum standards that must be met. A trucking school that doesn't offer the programming you need isn't going to get you the opportunities you deserve. Check out this list of trucking schools to get you started.
  • One step at a time - The experience barrier is one of the hardest to crack, and there's no way of getting past it except to put in your time. It's a fact of life that the best jobs are going to go to the most experienced drivers with the cleanest records. So be willing to roll up your sleeves and truck for the less than ideal jobs first.

It's never easy breaking into a new industry, and trucking is no exception. But with the right headspace, tenacity, hard work (and a little help from Truckstr), it can be a manageable task that will get you on the road sooner than you may have thought.